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317 Main Street
Roanoke, Al 36274

Return Policy
·         Custom designs are non-refundable.
·         Shipping charges are non-refundable.
·         Any standard item that is purchased from our website can
be returned for a full refund, less  20% restocking fee or
exchanged within 7 days of receipt.
Rose petals are non-refundable.  We cut the petals ourselves and
the roses can not be used/resold after doing so.

·         Returned items must be packed carefully and shipped in
original packing boxes or similar quality.
·        It must arrive to us in good condition. No crushed flowers.
No missing flowers.
·        If your flowers are returned to us in used or poor condition,
we will not issue a refund.

Shipping Time
·         Please allow 2-4 weeks for Standard Shipping
·         Rush shipping takes 3-7 business days or less (please
email or call us for specifics)
·         International shipping is a flat $35. Please allow 3-4 weeks
for International Shipping
Contact Us
Please phone us if you do not
get a response through email.  
We get so much spam mail, it
is very hard to get our emails.  
Thank you