This bouquet set is made with an array of pastel colors.  
The colors are blue, ivory, pink, lavender, and light green.  
You have your choice of either ivory or white flowers to be
mixed with these flowers.  We can also take away or add
other colors to this set.
Pastel mix cascading bridal bouquet
This bouquet measures 14 inches wide by 22 long. The bouquet is set in a holder with a lace collar backing.
rose color
Pastel hand tied rose bouquet
This bouquet is hand tied. The stems are wrapped in ribbon and the bouquet is accented with a bow. The bouquet has 24-26 roses. This would be perfect for bridesmaids or even for the bride.
rose color
Pastel mix small hand tied rose bouquet
This is a small hand tied bouquet. It consists of 12 roses. This would be perfect as a Jr's bridesmaid bouquet, flower girl bouquet, or a toss bouquet.
rose color
Pastel mix double Boutonniere
Double Boutonniere, this would be be recommended for the groom or other special men that you would like to honor.
rose color
Pastel mixture Boutonniere
This is the typical Boutonniere that your groomsmen and other males would wear. Ushers, candle lighters, hosts, ministers, just to give an example.
Pastel Rainbow Silk Bridal
Bouquet Collection Pink
Blue Green Lavender